(Audio) NEMO – “Detonator” @NemoProfits

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After stepping onto the scene with his debut Latin infused single “Latin Baby” NEMO is back with his new banger “Detonator” produced by YamaAgni. The intensely super energetic record is a throwback feel to the days of Miami house parties. Inspired by 2 live crew the song takes a less raunchy and sexual approach, but it still gives cool make love have fun and freedom of expression vibes. NEMO’s early experience in the Los Angeles Hip Hop & EDM scene plays a vital role in his musical influences, he is expected to release his debut EP For The Love Of Music in 2020.

Quote: “I grew up on hip-hop but caught a vibe with the EDM scene around 19 years old. From the outside looking in, I thought it was all techno music. But it’s so much more than that. EDM is about dance, love, freedom, and creative expression. I made Detonator to embody what EDM has done for me in my life and give some good vibes along the way.”

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