(Album) Sy Ari Da Kid x Paxquiao – 2 Sides Of A Story @SyAriDaKid @Paxquiao700

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Sy Ari Da Kid x Paxquiao highly anticipated collaboration album, “2 Sides Of A Story”.

Authenticity is scarce in the age of trends going viral every few seconds. Respected by many for living the words that they speak in their lyrics, Sy Ari and Paxquiao deliver the facts on “2 Sides Of A Story”. In an industry where wordplay is seeming to make its way back to the forefront, the 2 Atlanta emcees take turns smothering groovy instrumentals with double entendres and content that we can relate to. With features from KapG, DaBaby and a verse from the fallen Atlanta legend, Slim Dunkin, the duo delivers a flawless project that should be given an honest listen.

“From the Southside of Atlanta to the Northside, 2 n*ggas that made somethin out of nothin, 2 different point of views, 2 real, 2 sides”
-Sy Ari Da Kid

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